/What matters this morning with George Stephanopoulos: Critical day for impeachment

What matters this morning with George Stephanopoulos: Critical day for impeachment

It’s Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019. Here is the biggest story I’m following this morning. I’ll be breaking it all down with our team starting at 7 a.m. EST, on “Good Morning America.”

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Critical day in the impeachment showdown

The case for President Donald Trump‘s impeachment will move forward Tuesday as the public will get its first look at the impeachment report released by the House Intelligence Committee. The House Judiciary Committee is then expected to hold its first hearing on impeachment Wednesday. In response, House Republicans have prepared a 123-page report that arguing that President Donald Trump shouldn’t be impeached because there is no evidence that his actions were done specifically to “benefit in the 2020 election.”

My take: Critical day in the impeachment showdown. The House Intelligence Committee is going to release its report today detailing the case they plan to make against President Trump before voting on it tonight and sending it on to the Judiciary Committee

We’ve also seen, of course, the Republican prebuttal to the Democratic report which says the president was just focused on corruption. We’ve already seen Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Chair, take that on, saying it’s an evidence-free report.

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